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Reflecting the Workshop Sessions

After the training sessions, the participants took part in workshops, including three sessions. In these workshops, Mr. Gregor and Mr. Jelle shared the insight from their professional fields. Subsequently they assigned the teams to solve some problems, providing feedback on how the participants approach the problems. These workshop sessions became interactively because the experts and the participants engaged energetically.

Exploring Climate and Water Issues in UNESCO-designated sites

In the first workshop, participants researched the climate and water issues in UNESCO-designated sites, delving into the effects and underlying causes of these issues. Then each team presented to other teams, sharing their perspectives on these issues.

Problem Analysis & Solution Development

While approaching a problem, it is crucial to analyze that problem thoroughly and then the solution will be systematically developed. Gregor explained that fact in the second workshop, emphasizing the importance of “Problem Analysis & Solution Development” in climate and water related issues.

Pitching Master

Effectively presenting one’s ideas to others is crucial for collaboration in a project. During the last workshop, Jelle highlighted key tips for pitching that can enhance the understanding and connection among stakeholders regarding the proposed solution idea.


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