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Celebrating the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2023 Champions

In a celebration of creativity, collaborative effort, and transformative solutions, the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2023 proudly announces its winning teams. These outstanding teams have demonstrated innovative, visionary thinking considering the feasibility and overall potential impact and a commitment to fostering water resilience in UNESCO-designated sites

Team Make Water OK: HydroData Hub

Make Water Ok team proposes creating landslide hazard maps for Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve using a Smart Water Meter System and a Landslide Risk Assessment System. The SWM System manages water consumption and detects leaks, while the Landslide Risk Assessment System identifies at-risk areas. Their path to water resilience is marked by a clear vision, a feasible solution, excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of the problem.

Team Kemujan Water Group: Rainwater Catching to Achieve Water Resiliency in Dusun Butuh

Kemujan Water Group focuses on educating Dusun Butuh residents about rainwater harvesting to enhance water resiliency during dry seasons. Their communal approach involves collecting rainwater from roofs, transferring it to a naturally made tank using gravity. The team effectively communicated the urgency of their solution, showcasing meticulous preparation and seamless teamwork.

Team AquaGuardian Philippines: Ceramic Water Filtration and Storage with IoT based Water Quality Monitoring System

AquaGuardian’s innovative solution for Barangay Irawan ensures a reliable and clean water supply through a Ceramic Water Filtration System and IoT-based Monitoring System. Prioritizing affordability, their pitch demonstrated a holistic approach to water resilience with precise problem framing.

Tean Tim Banyu: NJOGO BANYU

Tim Banyu proposes an interactive outdoor program in Ledok Sambi, Yogyakarta, targeting children to raise awareness about water conservation. Facilitated by teachers, their program aims to impart knowledge, critical thinking skills, and water-saving behaviors. Tim Banyu demonstrated precise targeting, effective problem framing, and promising solutions with excellent communication skills. 

Team AquaCleanse Cambodia: Solving the Water Challenge in Tonle Sap’s Floating Village – A Comprehensive Approach with Solar Water Purification and Compost Toilets

Aquacleanse Cambodia plans to implement a solar-powered water purification system, introduce composting toilets, and collaborate with educational programs in Chong Kneas. This initiative aims to enhance community health, environmental protection, and reduce economic burdens. The team demonstrated exceptional collaborative dynamics, displaying a profound thinking process, adept problem identification, and integrated solutions.

Team CH2O: The AquaTally Project

CH2O is committed to water conservation in Pulau Langkawi, employing AquaTally – a device that monitors water usage. By integrating a hydro turbine and Arduino Nano, it alerts users to minimize water wastag, and the accompanying app analyzes usage data for optimized conservation. CH2O’s success lies in their digital finesse, clear thinking, and practical, innovative approach, demonstrating their dedication to sustainable water management.

Team Ecosolvers: Preserving Deer Population in Nino Koni Santana National Park from Water Scarcity

Ecosolvers is committed to combating water scarcity in Nino Koni Santana National Park through rainwater harvesting, fostering a sustainable ecosystem. Employing real-time monitoring, the team ensures adaptive strategies and community involvement for ongoing conservation. During the competition, Ecosolvers conveyed the urgency of their solution through impactful storytelling, emphasizing affordability and a potential solution.

Explore the ideas and pitches of all the participating teams in the link below.

Closing the first chapter on the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2023, we want to extend our sincere congratulations to every participating team. This challenge has been a remarkable journey, filled with collaboration, innovation, and the inspiring actions of youth. The impact of these solutions extends far beyond the competition, fostering a future marked by increased water resilience. To all the teams, you are true champions of change, and your contributions are valued. We eagerly anticipate the lasting impact of your projects on water resilience.

As the winning teams gear up to implement their pilots in March-April 2024 and showcase their projects at the World Water Forum in Bali, there is much to look forward to. Kudos to each team for their outstanding efforts, and we hope to see the ripple effects of your dedication in creating a sustainable water future.


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