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Pitching Master (Third Workshop Session)

To be a successful project, presenting its concept and design idea plays an important role. Therefore, pitching has become essential. On 24th January, 2024, Mr. Jelle Hendrik Therry joined the third workshop session to share the concept and idea of “Pitching”, highlighting how important it is, while communicating with the stakeholders.

Jelle initiated the workshop discussing the concept of pitching and its importance in taking action. Pitching may take various forms, involving key considerations such as a clear call to action, thorough audience research, and adaptation to audience responses. Persuasion is a crucial element, with Aristotle’s “Ethos, Logos, and Pathos” framework highlighting credibility, logic, and attracting emotion. The principle of “less is more” was emphasized, encouraging simplicity and avoiding jargon, especially in complexities like business plans.

Jelle's presentation
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The directive to make the audience care by tapping into emotions was highlighted as a powerful storytelling technique. Practice is essential for a perfect pitch, with authentic and creation being key. Subsequently he mentioned that being well-prepared with relevant facts, seeking feedback, using visual aids, and effectively presenting oneself alongside the product are crucial for a successful pitch. An exercise is proposed to pitch a drink dedicated to a team’s country within a 15-minute team discussion, followed by a one-minute pitch to other teams.

Teams pitching their drink to other teams


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