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Final Pitch of UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2023

After over a few weeks of intense learning and developing solutions, all teams have finally completed crafting their ideas and successfully delivered them in the Final Pitching session. Conducted online on the 28th and 29th of February 2024, the Final Pitching stage was filled with high enthusiasm and exhilarating performances from the participating teams.

The agenda started with a brief opening and introduction to the Jury and team line-up. As part of the Jury Board, ten esteemed representatives from UNESCO, The Water Agency, and the Expert pool joined the session to evaluate the teams’ ideas and solutions.

Figure 1. Jury Board for the Final Pitching of UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2023

During the pitching session, the teams were given 5 minutes to present their proposal effectively and an additional 20 minutes for Questions and Answers. Within the limited time, they had to convince the Juries why they were the best fit to be the winner.

Various solutions, ranging from technical ones like detention ponds and rainwater harvesting to solutions aiming to improve socio-economic sides such as tourism and children’s education, were showcased by the teams. They were able to confidently present their version of water resilience despite the nerve-wracking nature of the session.

Figure 2 and 3. Sneak Peeks of Some Teams’ Pitching

With this, The Water Agency would love to congratulate and thank all the teams for all their hard work and dedication throughout these past few weeks of the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2023. Special thanks are also sent to the wonderful Experts and Juries for their valuable support of this program.

Worry not; the journey has yet come to an end. There is another boat to hop on after the winners are announced. Stay tuned for the exciting announcement!

Figure 4 and 5. Group Photos from the Final Pitching Sessions


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