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Problem Analysis & Solution Development (Second Workshop Session)

On January 23, 2024, a workshop titled “Problem Analysis & Solution Development” was hosted, and Mr. Gregor Van Essen from The Water Agency was the mentor for the teams. The workshop provided teams with techniques to effectively solve water-related issues.

In the initial session, Gregor delivered a presentation emphasizing the significance of problem analysis in addressing water-related challenges. He presented various water problems, including waste pollution in rivers, and the connections between water issues and communities who depend on water for their income. Gregor also highlighted the impacts of water scarcity, floods, coastal erosion, loss of biodiversity, and diseases resulting from poor water management.

Subsequently, Gregor explained methods and approaches for identifying and analyzing problems. He emphasized the significance of defining primary beneficiaries, recognizing causes and effects, and introduced the “Problem Tree Analysis” technique with practical examples. Quantifying the scale of the problem, considering causes and effects, and emphasizing the urgency of the issue were highlighted as crucial steps.

Gregor's presentation
Group photo

In conclusion, Gregor shared additional tips, including solution validation, impact quantification, analysis of alternative solutions, and determination of key parameters. Following the presentation, teams interactively engaged in a 75-minutes breakout session to present their homework on Problem Tree Analysis, exchanging feedback with other teams. Gregor actively participated in 10 to 15-minute breakout sessions with each team, discussing their strategies for problem analysis and the feasibility of implementing solutions in the real world. The interactive nature of the session facilitated collaborative engagement among the teams.

Breakout room session


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