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Crowning of Bali Raincraft x The 10th World Water Forum Champions and Celebratory Closure

The Bali Raincraft initiative, in conjunction with the 10th World Water Forum, has brought together some of the brightest minds to address the pressing challenges of water conservation and management in Bali.

In its closure, the final online event of the Bali Raincraft x The 10th World Water Forum was a testament to the potential of youth’s contribution to the resilience and adaptability of the water community in these unprecedented times. Hosted on a virtual platform, the event was packed with insightful presentations, interactive sessions, and a showcase of potential water conservation projects.

Figure 1. Group picture with all participants and juries

With four teams participating, each of them brought a unique angle of water conservation in Lapangan Puputan Renon, the program’s case location, in utilizing Minecraft to develop creative solutions for water resilience in the area.

1. ITERA Team

As the first team to present, ITERA Team showcased their ideas to construct retention ponds surrounding the Bajra Sandhi Monument, added by guiding blocks and inclusive facilities to equip visitors with disabilities.

2. Team Aventura

Secondly, Team Aventura presented their integrated nature-based solutions that consists of constructed inland wetlands, rainwater harvesting and recharge wells, to address the groundwater depletion issue.

3. Team RED4M

This group of Brawijaya University students came up next with their solution of house-like wastewater and rainwater treatment systems, providing raw and drinking water for the residential communities.

4. Team B

Lastly, Team B addressed issues of urban flooding and clean water shortages by proposing “Renon Water and Environmental Hub” for an innovative displays and educational activities in an underground tunnel museum.

The anticipation reached its peak as the moment to announce the winners arrived, as the winners will win an opportunity to enter the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia from 18 to 25 May. Bringing their creative solutions in water resource management to Minecraft, Team Aventura and Team B became the champions of this event! Congratulations to the winning teams! 👏🏻

Figure 2 and 3. Team Aventura’s solutions and winning moments

Figure 4 and 5. Team B’s solutions and winning moments

These winning ideas certainly emphasized the youth’s capability to contribute to potential water conservation and management solutions. Thus, the program’s closure is not an end but a new beginning, inspiring continued action and collaboration toward a water-resilient world.


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