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Concept Solution by Team RED4M: Wastewater and Rainwater Treatment Plant

Team Introduction

We, Team RED4M, are a group of second-semester Water Resources Engineering students from Brawijaya University. As we share the same interest in issues related to water, we see Bali Raincraft x The 10th World Water Forum program align perfectly with our interest, which made us form this group and join the competition.

Problem Statement

Residential neighborhoods, including ones in Renon, Bali, are often threatened by problems such as domestic wastewater pollution and flooding. Household sewage generated from daily activities contains chemicals that increase the risk of water pollution. Lack of management of it can also negatively affect human health, disrupt the ecosystem, and reduce water quality.

In addition to environmental pollution, settlements are also vulnerable to flooding. Flooding in settlements is prone to occur during the rainy season due to the drainage system cannot accommodate the total discharge of rainwater that occurs, which can result in damage to infrastructure and ecosystems, as well as a decrease in water quality.

Proposed Solution

In overcoming these problems, projects that can minimize them are wastewater treatment plants and widening special rainwater drainage systems under public roads. One of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) addressed here is SDG 6, the availability and management of clean water and proper sanitation. The project we built aims to increase the availability of raw water and drinking water and minimize the adverse effects caused by domestic water waste and flooding.

Our project will be in one location in the residential area, which is shaped like a house and is targeted to benefit the surrounding residents. This house has two separate treatment systems, each with its own tap to flow different types of treated water. The first one is a wastewater treatment system that produces raw water from domestic sewage, while the other is a rainwater treatment system that produces ready-to-drink water.

Glimpse of our solutions

The rainwater treatment system that we designed produces drinking water from water collected by special rainwater drainage placed under public roads. The rainwater reservoir can also be used as additional drainage if the main drainage cannot accommodate the volume of discharge from rainwater to minimize flooding.

In addition, the project is equipped with a monitoring room and space for operators to monitor and maintain these two treatment systems. The operator for this building can be anyone, including the community, so it can open up new jobs for the surrounding area. However, of course, to become an operator, special training will be given so that they can understand and later be able to maintain this project properly.

Expected Impacts

The project will benefit the surrounding community by increasing the supply of raw and drinking water. Additionally, it will improve the environment by treating domestic wastewater, thus reducing river pollution, minimizing flooding, and lowering other pollution risks.

See more of our solution below:

Written by (in alphabetical order): Rafi Rakhayustino and Rama Faditya Agung Ilyasa


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