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Group photo of Youth Hackathon: Bali Raincraft teams

“Youth Hackathon: Bali Raincraft” Charts New Waters at the 10th World Water Forum

Launched by The Water Agency in 2020, the Asia Raincraft initiative has been making significant strides in its endeavor to involve young individuals and enhance their skills in sustainable water management through the creative use of Minecraft. This vision was highlighted at the 10th World Water Forum, where the Bali Raincraft edition emerged as a hackathon, encapsulating three days brimming with engaging and educational activities.

The “Youth Hackathon: Bali Raincraft” emerged as a pivotal event, drawing young minds from diverse backgrounds passionate about addressing the world’s water crises through innovation and collaboration. Using the popular game Minecraft, they united to devise solutions to ensure water sustainability in the study case location Puputan Renon. Lapangan Puputan Renon itself is a rather large, scenic park encompassed by wide fields and track areas, with a notable monument located in its center. The study case is located in the heart of Denpasar in Bali, Indonesia.

On the first day of the event, participants engaged in a rigorous exchange of ideas, with each team bringing a unique perspective to the table. From low-tech systems designed for communities around Puputan Renon to high-tech analytics for water conservation, the range of projects showcased the depth of the participants’ ingenuity.

The next day, the participants were taken on a field trip to visit the study case location Puputan Renon in Denpasar, Bali. There, the 23 youths raced to gather information, create cohesive plans, and strategize swiftly to develop potential solutions for sustainable water management for the area. While the spirit of competition was alive, it was the collaborative efforts that shone brightest. Teams were encouraged to merge their ideas, share resources, and even form alliances, embodying the forum’s ethos of unity in the face of global challenges.

Within mere hours of their site visit, the participants were tasked with translating their ideas into the virtual realm of Minecraft. A discerning panel of judges rigorously evaluated their conceptual strengths, challenged their designs, and interrogated the feasibility of their ideas. Emerging victorious from this challenge were two teams: Team Ironic and Pogung Warrior, whose exceptional proposals distinguished them in the competition.

In conclusion, the winning teams were awarded the privilege of showcasing their innovative solutions at the Netherlands Pavilion. Following their presentation, the World Water Forum awarded these teams in recognition of their achievements. The ceremony was graced by the presence of the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Pak Basuki Hadimuljono, who attended to celebrate the accomplishments of the winners.


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