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Concept Solution by ITERA Team: Disability Support and Environmental Sustainability Infrastructures

Team Introduction

ITERA Team, composed of three dedicated students from Institut Teknologi Sumatera, includes two Urban and Regional Planning students, Matius Romoranda Sitopu and Annisa Maharani, and one Ocean Engineering student, Daniel Epipanus Simangunsong.

We share a strong interest in research, particularly in the areas of sustainability, climate change, and inclusivity. This shared passion has brought us together and motivated us to collaborate on various projects and competitions we have participated in. With our diverse academic backgrounds, we recognize many urgent challenges require innovative solutions.

Project Overview

a. First Aspect of Our Project: Disability Support Infrastructure

In an increasingly connected and complex world, one theme that stands out is sustainability and inclusivity, focusing on inclusion for those living with disabilities. In an era where our every move must be considered for its long-term impact, how do we ensure that every individual, including those who may be physically or cognitively different, can participate fully in society?

This challenge inspires us to think creatively and act inclusively for the community and visitors of Lapangan Puputan Renon; ensuring sustainability means paying attention to the environment, recognizing diversity, and strengthening equality for all. To realize this, inclusivity is created through disability support infrastructure, such as guiding blocks that provide instructions regarding the direction and existence of obstacles to pedestrian paths.

(from left to right) Our guiding blocks and inclusive floor plan

Guiding blocks can provide a sense of security and help the blind move more confidently. The guiding block is symbolized as Bhatara, which means protector. As guiding blocks provide a sense of security, they create an inclusive and friendly world for all groups.

Apart from that, a floor plan equipped with braille letters and a speaker as a navigation aid for friends with disabilities is placed at the entrance to the monument as if to give visitors a glimpse into the richness of Balinese culture. The existence of supporting infrastructure for disabilities exudes a spirit of inclusivity.

b. Second Aspect of Our Project: Environmental Sustainability Infrastructure

In addition to the existence of infrastructure supporting inclusiveness, there is also infrastructure that supports environmental sustainability against climate change that occurs today in Renon. Lapangan Puputan Renon struggles with flooding issues which often occurs during heavy rainfall around the field area and the community housing, leading us to construct retention ponds as a mitigation tool. The retention ponds are wide enough to accommodate water runoff when heavy rains occur, as they are connected to the drainage along the highway and the residential area. The existence of these ponds can also support maintaining raw groundwater supplies during the dry season.

Additionally, these ponds provide a means of water tourism for local communities and foreign tourists, offering more profit and income. In the middle of the ponds, we propose a canoe tour, which also symbolizes a spiritual journey that reminds us of the relationship between humans and nature. These canoe facilities that can be used by local people and foreign tourists to enjoy the natural beauty and local wisdom around the Puputan Renon Field and the Bajra Sandi Monument.

The existence of retention ponds surrounding the field area and the Bajra Sandhi Monument reflects cultural wisdom in maintaining the sustainability of water resources, creating an atmosphere of harmony with nature and fellow humans towards an inclusive future for all.

(from left to right) Our retention ponds and canoe tour

See more of our solution below:

Written by (in alphabetical order): Annisa Maharani, Daniel Epipanus Simangunsong, and Matius Romoranda Sitopu


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