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World Water Day: Youth’s Participation in Action and Innovation for a Sustainable Future

The winning teams of the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2023 participants had the wonderful opportunity of attending the World Water Day 2024 webinar titled “Youth Action for Water and Peace”, a dynamic event hosted by UNESCO Jakarta Office on 5 April 2024.

Through the event, the World Water Development Report (WWDR) 2024 was successfully launched as an annual and thematic report developed through a collaboration between the UN agencies and parties in the water sector. The event was also successful in inspiring young water leaders to commemorate World Water Day 2024 and take proactive steps towards fostering peace through water resilience. Furthermore, it effectively mobilized Indonesian youth, raising awareness about their crucial role in the forthcoming 10th World Water Forum.

As the true stars of the day, the inspiring winning teams showcased their innovative solutions to tackle water challenges in various UNESCO-designated areas across Southeast Asia.

Team AquaCleanse proposed a dual approach with water purification systems and composting toilets for water and waste management. On the other hand, Tim Banyu focused on education, with a curriculum to equip young minds with water conservation knowledge. The Make Water OK team aimed to create a data platform for landslide risk and water management through smart meters, while the C_H2O team is attempting to create a water system where beneficiaries can monitor their water-use to ignite awareness.

The focus wasn’t solely on urban solutions. AquaGuardian’s solution combined community support with technology. Their plan involved building water filtration systems, water storage facilities, and an IoT-based water quality monitoring system. Several teams focused on rainwater harvesting: Kemujan Water Group proposed sustainable facilities for Dusun Butuh, while Ecosolvers designed systems using natural materials. These solutions offered low-cost, sustainable options for communities facing water shortages.

These diverse solutions from the young leaders demonstrated the power of collective action, just as the World Water Day was intended for. The event urged participants to consider their role in fostering prosperity through responsible water management to ensure a sustainable and lasting peace, which went beyond awareness-raising but also raising the youth to become problem-solvers for their communities.

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