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Final Showcase of Ideas: Final Presentation Showdown of the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 

After five months of rigorous training, idea implementation, and mentorship, six teams competing in the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2024 presented their solutions to water management and conservation in front of various judges and experts. The event was a showcase of innovation, dedication, and the power of collaborative effort in addressing one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. 

Final Presentation of Teams
Six Teams Successfully Presented Their Ideas and Implementation Results at the Closing of the UWRC 2024

1. Team AquaCleanse 

The project’s results and impact are significant and multifaceted. The implementation of a solar-powered water purification system now provides 200 liters (approximately 52.83 gallons) of clean water daily, benefiting up to 20 villagers. This sustainable solution supports essential needs such as drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Educationally, the project has successfully conducted workshops for 18 students and 20 villagers, enhancing their knowledge of clean water usage, waste management, and personal hygiene. This training is crucial for long-term behavioral change and improved health outcomes. 

2. Team AquaGuardian 

The Irawan Watershed initiative made by the team has successfully installed a water storage facility with a 200-liter capacity, ensuring constant access to clean water for the community. The water filtration system, ingeniously crafted by the community, has been providing clear water and the know-how for local replication. More technological advancements include an IoT-based water monitoring system that seamlessly transmits water quality data to a real-time database and app, all sustained by a 12VDC power supply. 

3. Team C_H20

The AquaTally project initiated by the team in Langkawi has yielded a comprehensive impact, intertwining heritage conservation with sustainable development via eco-tourism. It has established a strategic action plan addressing critical water and environmental sustainability challenges. Central to this initiative is the smart water meter system, which is pivotal in the judicious management of water resources. This system is instrumental for the ecological balance and socio-economic prosperity of the local populace and for maintaining the ecological integrity of the geopark’s ecosystems. 

4. Team Kemujan

The project outcome developed by the team is noteworthy, achieving the restoration of the mosque’s water tank in Dusun Butuh to a substantial 60,000-liter capacity. This renovation ensures a reliable water supply for various needs. Complementing this, the construction of a natural water filtration system near the mosque, using sustainable local materials, marks a significant enhancement in the community’s water management capabilities. 

5. Team Banyu

The team’s project outcome is a significant boost in water conservation knowledge among participants, where they reinforced the knowledge and raise awareness on sustainability through teacher training and the provision of the “Njogo Banyu” activity book as an open-source digital educational resource for elementary school students (age 10-12 years old). 

6. Team Make Water OK

The team’s project initiative has introduced two innovative systems to enhance environmental management. The Landslide Risk Assessment System utilizes algorithms to digitize risk assessments, improving accuracy and efficiency by integrating with GIS for immediate accessibility. The Smart Water Meter System employs data analytics to visualize water usage, aiding in resource management and decision-making. These systems collectively streamline operations, reduce errors, and promote sustainable resource utilization. 

As the curtains closed on the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2024, it was clear that the real winners were the communities and environments that would benefit from these innovative solutions. The event was not just a competition but a celebration of the youth’s action and spirit capacity to overcome challenges through unity, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to the planet. 

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