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Celebrating the Victors on the Road to the 10th World Water Forum in Bali

The UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2024 has culminated in a grand celebration of innovation and youth engagement, with the announcement of the winning teams set to attend the prestigious 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia, from May 18-25. After a rigorous five-month program that saw 100 participants from nine Southeast Asian countries strive to showcase the impact of “Youth Action” on water resilience at local UNESCO sites, three teams emerged victorious, each with a unique contribution to sustainable water management.


Team “AquaCleanse” from Cambodia, composed of young environmental enthusiasts, engineered a solar-powered water purification system, ensuring clean water supply to households. Their outreach extended to Prek Toal Village, where they conducted workshops to emphasize the significance of clean water for daily life and sustainability.


Meanwhile, Malaysia’s “Make Water OK” combined artificial intelligence and marine biology expertise to create a hydro-data-hub. This innovative system is designed to predict landslide risks and visualize water usage, enhancing the safety and resource management of Penang Hill and its reservoirs.

Indonesia’s “Banyu” brought together environmental engineering and architecture students to develop sustainable educational tools. Their interactive activity book and outdoor curriculum are aimed at teaching young learners about the importance of water conservation, fostering a new generation of environmentally conscious citizens.


As these teams prepare to share their groundbreaking projects with the global community in Bali, the spirit of collaboration and mentorship that guided them is celebrated. Their collective efforts underscore the vital role of youth in shaping a resilient and water-secure future.

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