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Unlocking Excellence: Highlights from the Technical Meeting and Training Sessions

The buzz in the room was electric as UWRC 2024 kicked off. Two critical events marked this phase — the technical meeting and training sessions. Each brought its own set of insights, experiences, and breakthroughs. From these sessions, groundbreaking ideas shaping the future of youth’s participation in combatting water-related challenges were revealed.

With seven teams selected from the UWRC 2023 to progress into the implementation phase of the challenge, there is a clear excitement radiating from Aquacleanse, Aquaguardian, CH20, Ecosolvers, Make Water Ok, Kemujan Water Group and Tim Banyu. These teams will continue to head on and compete for the win by implementing their proposed ideas from the previous challenge.

While their hard work will be put to the test, the rewards awaiting their success are equally significant. The victorious teams will have the chance to showcase their projects at the prestigious 10th World Water Forum scheduled for May 18th to 25th, 2024, in Bali, Indonesia.

To prepare the teams for bringing their actions to the ground, they are equipped with two training sessions under the guidance of Gregor van Essen, the lead mentor for this phase.

Training Day 1

The first training session covered two key topics: Implementation and Stakeholder Engagement. Teams got hands-on experience refining their ideas and solutions into practical plans that really work. After the training, they got assignments to fine-tune their strategies before the next session.

Training Day 2

The second training session, focusing on engaging stakeholders and putting projects into action, was a huge success! Teams had vibrant discussions and brainstormed insightful strategies. They shared their homework with the expert, who provided invaluable feedback and insights. Participants left the session equipped with valuable tools and fresh perspectives to enhance collaboration and make a real impact.

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