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Role of Mentoring in Idea Crafting

As the final pitch draws near and the winning teams will be unveiled soon, all participating teams have been preparing and refining their ideas throughout this challenging journey.

An integral aspect of the program is fostering knowledge transfer between experts and participants. This dynamic process offers a valuable educational opportunity, allowing participants to learn from experienced experts across various topics. Throughout these sessions, participants are encouraged to actively engage with the experts, ask questions, and deepen their understanding of critical subjects.

Following the training sessions and workshops led by experts, participants can request one-on-one discussions or mentoring sessions with the experts of their choice. This personalised engagement enables participants to explore deeper into the topics discussed, seek clarification on specific points, and explore potential applications of the knowledge gained within the context of their project proposals.

Moreover, teams are provided weekly checkpoints to track progress and provide guidance. Mentors ensure positive learning experiences, resolve conflicts, and facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge exchange by supporting checkpoints, including three stages: Define & Ideate, Design & Prototype, and Test & Communicate.

This active engagement fosters not only theoretical solutions but also practical implementation ideas for water resilience innovation. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming final pitching and the selection of winning teams.

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