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Starting business and Find your business model

The Significance of Business Models in Water Sector Entrepreneurship

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey in the water sector requires not only a deep understanding of water-related challenges but also a well-crafted business model. Starting a business in this sector means addressing pressing issues like water scarcity, pollution, and sustainable management. Entrepreneurs need to identify innovative solutions that not only contribute to environmental preservation but also align with market needs. Finding the right business model is important, as it defines how a company creates, delivers, and captures value. Whether it’s through water technology innovations, water purification services, or sustainable water management consultancy, the choice of business model can make or break a venture’s success in addressing critical water challenges while ensuring profitability and sustainability.

Charting a Course for Entrepreneurial Success

The discussion is about the intricacies of initiating a business venture and identifying a business model tailored to individual needs. During the session, the speaker illuminated the essentials of launching a business, supported by illustrative examples. Key topics included defining one’s identity and effective communication, understanding clients and customers, and crafting a positioning strategy. The presentation was enriched with engaging videos and real-world business ideas, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where teams shared and received feedback on their respective business concepts, marking a dynamic exchange of ideas.

About the Speaker

With a rich and diverse background spanning from a Bachelor of Arts in Image and Media Technology to successfully founding and expanding his own film and animation company, Specular, Joost Kraan brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to the table. His impressive portfolio of clients, including government entities and major corporations, underscores his ability to navigate complex business environments. Notably, his involvement in high-profile projects such as creating presentations and films for international conventions and museums demonstrates his ability in finding innovative business models and seizing unique opportunities. His role as chairman of Stichting de Creatie, organizing events and festivals, further attests to his leadership and organizational skills. With a passion for start-up projects and a penchant for inspiring and brainstorming, he is ideally positioned to share invaluable insights on starting a business and finding the right business model for success.


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