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Saving Water
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Saving Water: Ways to Conserve Water for a Sustainable Living

Almost all planets in our solar system are inhabitable due to lack of water, except Earth. Thus, making water is an essential resource for life. Furthermore, ensuring the sustainability of living by conserving water sources is something that must be done starting now.

The first way to conserve water resources is by adopting water-efficient habits. Small daily actions such as turning off tap water while brushing your teeth make a bigger impact in saving water. Another way is to maintain that all devices are working properly and that there is no water leak.

In the household scope, it is better to develop eco-friendly water management including rainwater harvesting for your garden is a precious way to conserve water. Starting to change the use of groundwater to other water sources also helps conserve water as well as reduce bigger disaster risks.

The last part is educating others about this action. Saving water can start personally but it needs massive movement that will save our future. Public engagement, capacity building, and technology-based adoption can be ways to promote saving water movement. The use of a creative platform such as Asia Raincraft also contributes to spreading awareness to youth, the community, and bigger audiences.

Figure 1. Asia Raincraft, the Minecraft game platform to introduce the saving water concept to youth (source: The Water Agency)

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