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Financing Your Business

Financing Business in the Water Sector

In the water sector, understanding how to finance your business is very important. Whether you’re developing innovative water purification technologies, implementing sustainable water management practices, or launching water-related projects, securing the necessary funding is critical. Water sector entrepreneurs must navigate the intricacies of securing capital for research, infrastructure, and operational costs. Moreover, financing can drive investments in eco-conscious and sustainable solutions, ensuring that businesses contribute positively to water conservation and responsible management practices. Ultimately, knowing how to finance your business in the water sector is not just a financial skill but a strategic necessity that underpins success while advancing the crucial goal of preserving this finite and essential resource.

A Deep Dive into Business Financing Strategies

The session looked into the vital topic of financing one’s own business. His presentation encompassed critical aspects of this process, including the journey of fundraising and the diverse investor universe. He elucidated key considerations for venture capital funds, emphasizing the importance of assessing market size, company positioning, and the competitive landscape. Moreover, the session scrutinized the sustainability of revenue growth and related metrics, elucidated the pathway to profitability, and underscored the significance of a well-defined funding usage plan. The speaker also dived into the intricacies of capitalization tables and the significance of founders’ backgrounds, creating a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the financial aspects of entrepreneurship.

About the Speaker

Dong’s extensive background as an assistant manager in KPMG Vietnam’s M&A team positions him as an ideal lecturer for sharing insights on financing businesses. His wealth of experience in advising M&A transactions and capital raising, specializing in technology companies, has successfully secured over US$100 million in various sell-side transactions, showcasing his prowess in financial strategy. His ability to navigate the complexities of financing in the technology sector makes him well-suited to guide aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners on the nuances of securing the necessary capital for their ventures. Moreover, his academic foundation from Foreign Trade University HCMC further solidifies his expertise, making him a valuable resource for understanding the intricacies of business finance.


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