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Concept Solution by Team Ironic

Comprised of five youths from different backgrounds and nationalities, Team Ironic collaboratively designed their version of a better Lapangan Puputan Renon area by tackling flooding and saline groundwater issues.

The team—Omar Faruk, Putu Sasiwimba Aryadewi, Muh. Farid, David Crinston H. Purba, and Ivana Wilhelmina Simaremare saw opportunities to incorporate an infiltration well, zoning for urban forests and sports and entertainment areas, and an integrated rainwater harvesting system to extend improvement of the existing solutions developed by Team Berlian Beku (one of the participants from Bali Raincraft 2023). Additional solutions were also proposed, namely constructing a rest area and water refill station as well as regularly conducting drainage clean-up.

By addressing SDG 6—Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 8—Decent Work and Economic Growth, and SDG 13—Climate Action, Team Ironic further envisions to revitalise the Lapangan Puputan Renon area into a community that can be resilient to water challenges.

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