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Concept Solution by Team #EatPrayLoveWater

#EatPrayLoveWater is a team composed of five young individuals: Annisa Edi Setiyani, Angel Aurelia, Nethania Georgina Rosarika Surya Santoso, Christopher Paller Gerale, and Selly Angelia Sisca Syalomitha Rugian, who collaborated to improve Lapangan Puputan Renon area through several approaches.

Seeing environmental issues like flooding and poor waste management, as well as social problems mainly related to economic growth and employability, the team was motivated to construct water resources management infrastructures, waste sorting bins, and creative market and sustainable tourism initiatives. Through these designs, the team will be able to accelerate the achievement of SDG 6—Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 8—Decent Work and Economic Growth, and SDG 13—Climate Action.

Furthermore, by integrating new ideas into Team B’s solutions (one of the winners from the online Bali Raincraft x The 10th World Water Forum program), Team #EatPrayLoveWater aims to increase clean water availability, boost economic and employment rate growth, and to create a sustainable and livable community.

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