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Concept Solution by Team Pogung Warriors

Four Civil Engineering students from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, teamed up to form Team Pogung Warriors at the Youth Hackathon: Bali Raincraft x The 10th World Water Forum. Roberto Pascal Mamesah, Aneila Clarissa Febrianne, Kenni Roberto Kristianto, and Azzahra Ninda Putri Wardani were motivated to address the flooding issue in the southern part of Lapangan Puputan Renon.

Together, Team Pogung Warriors initiated solutions to mitigate the inundation by proposing an enhancement of the field’s soil stability and early warning system for flood forecasting. Building upon the existing solutions developed by Team 4LITA (one of the winners from Bali Raincraft 2023), they also planned to improve the water treatment systems and integrate a new water storage facility to further manage the area’s water resources.

When the issues are tackled, they will be able to accelerate SDG 6—Clean Water and Sanitation—and SDG 8—Decent Work and Economic Growth by reducing the impact of flooding, maximising water reuse to conserve water, and creating sustainable tourism places where productive economic activities can flourish without worrying about flood disasters that may happen anytime.

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