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  • Start Date: 01 September 2022
  • End Date: 30 November 2022
  • Fee: Free of Charge
  • Target Audience: (young) water professionals, university students, and people who are interested in the water and environment sector.
  • No of participants: 25 students


Currently, we have around 15 courses finished in the program with which we can start our first batch. This Batch I structure is accompanied by 5 Themes including 2-3 courses in each as in the following structure:

  • Theme I: Water and Society
    1. Water Politics and Governance
    2. Water Economics
    3. International Water Cooperation
  • Theme II: Water and Climate Systems
    1. Climate Change and Water
    2. Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Theme III: Water and Environment
    1. Limnological Study: Inland Surface Water and Ecosystem Issues
    2. Ecosystem Services
    3. Food Systems and Water
  • Theme IV: Water Planning and Engineering
    1. Environmental Management System
    2. Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Ports and Inland Waterways
    3. Urban Water Management
  • Theme V: Water Data and Analysis
    1. Hydro/Flood Modelling
    2. Introduction to Spatial Analysis
    3. Environmental Remote Sensing
Each course contains 3-6 lessons, assignments in each lesson, and suggested reading material for Further Study. Answering the assignment at the end of each lesson is a prerequisite to advancing to the next lesson. After completing all lessons and assignments, participants are invited to answer a very short feedback survey on the course. Once the survey is answered, participants can continue to another course. Each course has an estimated time investment of 2-3 hours. This means that when one or two courses are completed per week, the participant will be able to finish within the three months set for this first batch.


Approval requires 60% correct responses on each assignment of each lesson and course. Answering the assignment at the end of each module is a condition to move on to the next lesson, and completing a course. Participants have unlimited attempts to obtain at least 60% correct responses and in all cases, the platform will indicate the wrong answers.

After completing all the courses under the five different themes, participants will be invited to download their program certificate issued by Climate Lab Asia through the support of the Vrije Universiteit and The Water Agency. Participation in the course, as well as the download of the certificate, is free to the participants. Through this, we hope to ensure high-quality, accessible water education and training for local water professionals in Myanmar and beyond.


So, if you are highly motivated, well-committed to finishing the courses within the timeline and strongly interested in learning water and environment topics, we are greatly welcome to join our high-quality “WE are Water Education (Myanmar) Program _Batch I”. To apply, register through the link below and we will select the 25 participants who are successful to attend the program.

(Note: The registered data are completely confidential between the parties and shall not be disclosed to anybody else.)

Registration deadline: 21-08-2022: 12AM (MM time)


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