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Vietnam AquaVenture’s Impactful Presence at VietWater Event

From the 11th to the 13th of October 2023, Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 made a significant mark at VietWater 2023 Event, where the participants showcased their innovative ideas alongside prototypes and models, all aimed at fostering a more sustainable water business.

During the event, the teams actively engaged with visitors through informative and engaging sessions. These interactions served as a platform for the teams to unveil their innovative concepts and foster discussions about the pressing issues in water management. Their ideas spanned from advanced technologies to eco-conscious practices, all with the common goal of ensuring a sustainable water future.

Visitors could vote for their favourite teams, infusing an element of excitement and competition into the proceedings. Each team sought to win the hearts of the audience with their innovative solutions!

Some memorable moments of Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 at VietWater

VAV 2023 teams at the VietwWater Event created lasting memories by sharing them with mentors, judges, and visitors. Let’s take a look at the flashback of those unforgettable moments.

VAV 2023 Recap at VietWater Event

This event was more than just an exhibition of ideas; it was a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and dedication to the future of water management. Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 expresses the appreciation to The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam and Informa Markets for their commitment to Vietnam’s Future Water Leaders! With such strong support from these organizations and an engaged audience, the future of Vietnam’s water industry is brighter than ever.


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