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From Concept to Action: Tracking the Journey of the Winners’ Idea Implementation

In October 2023, Megabreak and SUIJIN, the team of innovative youths, won the Vietnam Aquaventure challenge. The following weeks after their triumph, they carried on in implementing their ideas and concepts into action in the second phase of the challenge.

MegaBreak: Utilization of Bacteria in a Desalination System

Recognizing the profound effects of climate change, particularly in the Mekong Delta region, MegaBreak presents a pioneering solution involving the integration of bacterial agents within a desalination framework. This innovative approach aims to transform saline water into brackish water, thus addressing the pressing need for sustainable freshwater resources. Enriched by extensive fieldwork and scholarly inquiry, the team has refined their strategy, now emphasizing the utilization of bacteria to fuel the operation of microbial capacitive desalination cells (MCDC) and generate electricity.

Moreover, their plan involves integrating bacteria with alternative membranes like Reverse Osmosis (RO) to amplify effectiveness. This shift in strategy anticipates a decrease in energy usage and expenses compared to current market offerings. Ultimately, MegaBreak aims to bolster the resilience of Mekong Delta inhabitants against climate challenges and elevate their standard of living.

In the second phase, the team tested the potential of using Bacillus sp., Scendesmus sp., and Chlorella sp. Bacteria for their innovations. The ability of these bacteria to fluctuate NaCl (sodium chloride) content in water was analyzed through research, where the strain with the highest ability to reduce the compound concentration will be selected.

SUIJIN: Revolutionizing Treatment in Industrial Wastewater Management

The innovative firm at the forefront of Vietnam’s industrial landscape, SUIJIN, is actively combatting the challenge of industrial wastewater contamination nationwide. Their groundbreaking solution, rooted in capacitive deionization (CDI) technology, not only cleanses wastewater but also reclaims valuable metals such as phosphorus and lithium. Tailored specifically to Vietnam’s environmental conditions, SUIJIN’s CDI process features meticulous deionization and regeneration stages, yielding purified water while facilitating straightforward electrode recovery.

In addition to their technological advancements, SUIJIN adopts a multifaceted business model, encompassing the sale of CDI filtration machinery and activated carbon materials, as well as offering CDI module rentals and design consultancy services. The rental rates for CDI modules range from $50 to $150 per annum. Encouragingly, the industry has responded positively to SUIJIN’s innovative approach, with 66.7% of surveyed wastewater treatment enterprises affirming the feasibility and allure of their business model. Positioned as a catalyst for sustainability within the water treatment sector, SUIJIN’s CDI technology heralds a promising future for environmental stewardship.

In the second phase of the challenge, the team took their ideas to a new level – bringing them into reality. They developed an organic fertilizer from recovered phosphorus in wastewater. Utilization of said content addresses both environmental concerns and sustainable practices, as SUIJIN aimed to bridge the gap between wastewater treatment and agricultural productivity.


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