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AquaCleanse of Cambodia: Crafting Sustainable Solutions for Community Empowerment



In a floating village of Cambodia, households predominantly within the low to medium income bracket are confronted with the critical challenge of securing clean water for their daily necessities. The absence of a reliable water supply exposes them to significant health risks. Compounding this issue is the village’s inadequate wastewater management, which poses detrimental effects on both the environment and the community’s well-being. Addressing these pressing concerns is imperative to safeguard public health and to advance the sustainability of the village’s future.

Project Location

Prek Toal Village, Battambang, Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve, Cambodia

Main Beneficiary

Citizens of the Prek Toal Village, Cambodia

Problem Statement

The primary issue in a Cambodian floating village is the critical lack of clean water and adequate wastewater management, which endangers public health and environmental well-being, necessitating urgent solutions for sustainable living.



The initiative is strategically designed to address the pressing demand for clean water and advanced sanitation in Prek Toal Village. By implementing water purification systems and facilitating the construction of composting toilets, we aim to significantly elevate community health standards, alleviate economic burdens, and lessen the environmental footprint. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to fostering a healthier, more sustainable community.

Project Approach and Methods

a. Hard Approach

The system is engineered to harness solar energy, powering a motor that efficiently pumps water from the lake into a storage tank. This eco-friendly solution not only facilitates a reduction in electricity costs but also serves as a crucial intermediary in the water purification journey. The tank acts as a reservoir, holding water from the natural source before channeling it through a multi-stage purification process. This meticulous procedure guarantees the delivery of safe, clean drinking water.

b. Soft Approach

The team facilitated an interactive educational workshop for local villagers and students, providing comprehensive guidance on installing composting toilets and water management and sanitation techniques. This workshop’s main objective was to increase awareness of the importance of water conservation and proper sanitation measures. By doing so, we aim to prevent environmental contamination, encourage sustainable habits, and contribute to the enhancement of community health and the safeguarding of the environment.

c. Stakeholder Engagement

In collaboration with the local villagers and the sub-chief, AquaCleanse identified and tackled the water challenges within the community, continuously adapting our project to meet these needs. The team conducted educational workshops for both students and villagers, demonstrating our innovative solutions. Their proactive efforts to secure sponsorships for solar technology and workshop materials involved engaging with potential sponsors. AquaCleanse is committed to not only keeping the community informed but also motivating collective action by involving participants. Furthermore, the team leverages social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube to amplify their reach and promote their solutions through consistent engagement.

Project Results and Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of their pilot project, the team implemented a solar-powered water purification system that serves the daily needs of up to 20 people. Each day, the villagers have access to 200 liters (about 52.83 gal) of water adequate for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Additionally, the team’s educational workshops trained 18 students and 20 villagers on the efficient use of clean water, waste management with compost toilets, and personal hygiene practices.

Moreover, their digital awareness campaign on Facebook has attracted 109 followers, with their content reaching approximately 2900 people online. This initiative has provided an invaluable opportunity to learn about the community’s needs, ultimately fostering increased support for addressing these critical issues.

ទឹកស្អាតដើម្បីសហគមន៍ – Clean Water For Our Community

– AquaCleanse Cambodia

Project Longterm Vision



AquaCleanse, a team of young environmentalists from Cambodia, has embarked on a transformative project to overhaul water and waste management in their community. Their commitment to sustainability and empowerment has led to the development of a holistic system that transcends traditional practices. At the heart of their initiative is the installation of water filters, which address health, sanitation and environmental concerns.

The team continuously improved their strategy, incorporating community feedback and new insights. Their comprehensive water and waste management plan, particularly the enhanced design and functionality of the water filters, promises to significantly improve local hygiene and sanitation while fostering sustainability through the reduction of waste and conservation of resources.

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