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Mekong Salt Lab Phase II: A Home for Sustainable Mekong Future

As part of a project funded by the Kingdom of Netherlands & Nuffic, Mekong Salt Lab is going to final stage and is expected to be completed in February 2023. The current project outcome is a premise to strengthen the emergency support as “Salt Lab center” at Tra Vinh University is necessary.

The Dutch Project Partner: Gregor Van Essen – TWA managing director & Steven Sterman – Kim Delta Director had fruitful discussions on priorities and concerns in forming a saline intrusion center at TVU. With a spirit of enthusiasm and a desire to help the lives of thousands of local farmers, Tra Vinh Univeristy management team together analyze and consolidate key elements for the implementation of Salt Lab Center.

During this special mission, the Dutch team of experts had the opportunity to discuss with the Farmers’ Union, Women’s Union, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development‘s Tra Vinh Province. Dutch experts informed the project and listen to comments. Despite the limited time, Dutch experts were able to visit a few winning champions who are well-adapted saline intrusion challenge. The project management team received consensus and confidence about the feasibility of the Salt lab when it was implemented. We had an effective working time in the province and received enthusiastic support from all relevant departments.


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