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Initial step to our journey!

Following the selection of the teams, the project team organized a “Technical Meeting” to foster interaction. During this engaging session, participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with each other and the project team.

Commencing the meeting, Mrs. Adhe Wulandari of UNESCO delivered an opening speech expressing gratitude to the participants for their involvement in the project. She also wished them a memorable experience and a fulfilling journey throughout this project.

Mrs. Adhe Wulandari delivering opening speech

And then Ms. Carrina Lim, The Water Agency’s regional project manager, expressed her enthusiasm and gratitude during a meeting, highlighting the organization’s dedication to engagement through education. Recognizing UNESCO as key partners in youth engagement, she congratulated the 25 teams for being selected in a competitive selection process. She unveiled an ambitious program, shaped by expert input, and offered valuable advice to participants, emphasizing the significance of staying curious. She extended best wishes to the teams for success in learning, self-challenge, and enjoyable connections throughout the journey.

Ms. Carrina Lim delivering her speech

Subsequently, an interactive game session was initiated to enhance participants’ familiarity with one another. The session involved participants actively responding to questions posed by the project team, ranging from amusing queries to general facts about the project.

Participants actively participated in the game

In the third segment, Ms. Tri Octiviani from The Water Agency introduced the project as the third edition of the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge, highlighting the three-year collaboration between the Water Agency and UNESCO. Emphasizing the significance of youth action, she underscored the importance of addressing water issues in UNESCO-designated sites through innovative solutions and collaboration among communities, governments, universities, and stakeholders. Ms. Octiviani also outlined the benefits of winning the project, including the opportunity to present ideas at the 10th World Water Forum 2024 and a $1000 USD seed money award. Project key dates, activities, and introductions of experts and mentors were also covered.

Project introduction by Octi

Next, Ms. Thinzar Mon from The Water Agency provided technical guidance on using the Asia Climate Lab website, the primary communication channel for the project. She explained the process of creating and editing user accounts, as well as navigating the project’s main group and sub-groups.

Explanation of how to use the website by Thinzar

Finally the session concluded with an interactive Q&A session where the project team addressed participants’ queries.

Q&A Session

This initial step of the project aimed to familiarize participants with both the project and each other, setting the stage for increased interactivity and fostering strong youth action in support of water resilience.


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