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The Emergence of Green Batik as Future Demand

With a strong commitment to capturing the foreign market’s interest in eco-friendly batik, the Green Batik Pekalongan has the potential to become a leading product in the region. This environmentally conscious batik prioritizes sustainability by utilizing natural dyes, adopting low-emission energy sources, and implementing eco-friendly waste management practices. The demand for this green batik is on the rise, fueled by the global increase in awareness of environmentally focused products.

Batik Product Export from Pekalongan
Figure. Batik Product Export from Pekalongan
Source: BPS Kota Pekalongan

In 2022, the largest Batik Pekalongan product to be exported is batik sarung, a large tube of fabric for praying that is famously used in Southeast Asia. Batik sarung contributes 51% of total batik exports from Pekalongan, whereas the handmade batik or written batik fabric only contributes less than 1% of total exported batik products.

In the upcoming period, Batik Pekalongan must meet this demand by offering green batik products that hold higher value while also promoting environmental conservation within the region. The esteemed “City of Batik” can foster further development and opportunities for the batik industry in Pekalongan.

A woman is designing batik or called "mencanting"
Figure. A woman is designing batik or called “mencanting”

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