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The 12 Green Batik Goals by The Water Agency
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The 12 Green Batik Goals

Green Batik Goals by The Water Agency

After working for several years in Pekalongan, The Water Agency sees the need for an integrated approach towards a more sustainable and “greener” Batik. To achieve this, the team analysed The 12 Green Batik Goals generated based on the current issues in the whole value chain of Batik business and production. These 12 goals are aimed to assist the team and the partners in reaching the goal of Green Batik holistically.

See below for a detailed description of each goal.

Promote sourcing of raw materials, such as fabrics and dyes, that have been produced in a environmentally sustainable way and respecting fair and safe working conditions of people.

Actively engage young people with the green transformation of the batik sector and create attractive education and career opportunities for them.

Ensure women batik workers have fairly paid jobs and equal opportunities for career and personal development.

Water and energy used for batik production is sustainably sourced and safe for batik workers.

Batik production is free from waste and pollution that damages people and the environment.

Batik production workshops, working processes, tools and materials are safe for workers.

Original hand-made batik artistry and craftsmanship is promoted and celebrated as Indonesia’s culture heritage, being protected against plagiarism and valued over printing.

Buyers of batik are educated to recognise and value sustainably produced, original batik.

Batik producers run their workshops as professional, modern businesses that comply with applicable policies and legislation.

Batik producers create a profitable business for their products.

Pekalongan gains a strong and unique identity in domestic and international markets that contributes to better prices for batik producers.

The Indonesian government implements policies that support and promote sustainable, green batik production and trade.


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