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Bridging between Youth Activities and World Water Forum 2024

UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2023 aims to bridge between the youth activities and the World Water Forum 2024, empowering young leaders to contribute their innovative solutions and perspectives to become advocates and agents of change for water resilience, within UNESCO-designated sites.

The World Water Forum is a significant global gathering that happens every three years. It brings together people from various backgrounds and interests, ranging from government officials to experts and thinkers. Originating in 1997, this event has grown into a massive assembly attracting tens of thousands of participants. The upcoming event, scheduled for May 18th to 24th, 2024, will take place in Bali, Indonesia. At its core, the 10th World Water Forum revolves around the theme “Water for Shared Prosperity.” This theme unfolds into six important sub-themes, each addressing critical aspects of the challenges and opportunities surrounding water.

water secruity

The first sub-theme, “Water Security and Prosperity,” focuses on the growing concern of water insecurity in our rapidly changing world. Issues like population growth, unsustainable development, inequality, and climate change contribute to this challenge, necessitating urgent and comprehensive solutions.

water for human and nature

Water for Humans and Nature,” the second sub-theme, emphasizes the essential link between water, healthy ecosystems, and human well-being. Thriving ecosystems are crucial for our water supply and offer many benefits. When these ecosystems suffer, it not only impacts biodiversity but also affects our livelihoods and health.

disaster risk

The third sub-theme, “Disaster Risk Reduction and Management,” highlights the increasing threat posed by extreme weather events due to climate change. Floods, droughts, and storms are becoming more frequent and severe, calling for effective strategies to manage these disasters.


Governance, Cooperation, and Hydro-diplomacy,” the fourth sub-theme, stresses the importance of collaboration among global stakeholders and effective management of water resources. This approach aims to resolve conflicts related to water and encourage cooperation among various groups.

Sustainable finance

Sustainable Water Finance,” the fifth sub-theme, draws attention to the urgent need for adequate funding in the water sector. Millions of people worldwide still lack access to clean water and sanitation, especially in urban areas facing rapid growth.

Knowledge and innovation

Lastly, “Knowledge and Innovation,” the sixth sub-theme, celebrates advancements in science, technology, traditional wisdom, and indigenous knowledge. Sharing and scaling up this knowledge can help tackle the growing water challenges.

Learn more about the World Water Forum here.


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