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Network Approach & Community Engagement


This course is a part of Thaketa Climate Adaptation pilot project to share our knowledge and experience which we gained through the project. The project focuses on the climate resilience of Thaketa Ward 5 to better adapt to the future water scarcity and flooding with community involvement.

Target Audience

  • (Young) Professionals
  • (Final year) students
  • Urban citizens in Myanmar

Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn about:

  • network and community approach.
  • why this is important within climate adaptation
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Inclusivity/ Participatory
  • City making
  • Public/private collaboration?
  • Resilience cities comes from everyone within the city

Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction of the course

This course is created by to Community Manager working in the field of climate adaptation. In this chapter they will introduce themselves. What is their background, how does a day look like of a community manager? It gives you a first understanding what a community mangers does and makes you think about what a network approach entails.

Lesson Content

1.1 Meet your instructor, Ms. Lisette Heijke

1.1 Meet your instructor, Ms. Moh Moh Nay Win


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