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Work with YCDC on Larger Drains & Outlets: Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders that have been involved are:

  1. YCDC: Drainage Officer of Thaketa township
  2. YCDC: Drainage and Wastewater Management Authority (DWMA), Yangon
  3. Community: Ward Officer

We worked mainly with the above mentioned stakeholder through the following steps to implement the improvements on outlets and larger drains.

  1. Start up, built a strong foundation

We engaged with DWMA of YCDC to discuss the budget options, and their willingness to spend budget on our project through prioritisation of ‘standard’ YCDC work and other interventions.

  1. Assess impact, vulnerability and risks 

Data collection was made with the help of the Township Drainage Officer from YCDC and the Ward Officer, who is the community lead. We discussed our analysis with YCDC.

  1. Identify adaptation options, understanding impact 

We internally worked on a longlist with interventions and made assessments to understand the possible impact of these. After that, we presented our findings to YCDC – DWMA.

  1. Prioritise and select interventions

Through several discussions with YCDC about the costs, their prioritisation, etc. we developed a final proposal for the interventions to YCDC.

  1. Implementation 

The implementation was supposed to be made by YCDC, with technical support from our team. Unfortunately due to the circumstances in Myanmar in 2020 and 2021 YCDC was not able to implement the proposed interventions.

  1. Monitoring and evaluation 

After implementation it is important to keep monitoring the drainage works and make some improvements when necessary. It is also very helpful to see how the interventions work compared to how they are designed and thought to be working – in order to learn and improve future work. Unfortunately due to the circumstances within our project we were not able to monitor the improved drains and outlets.


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