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Mid-Point Review: Introduction & Basic Information

The Thaketa Climate Adaptation Pilot Project aims to strengthen the climate adaptive capabilities of Thaketa Ward 5 at a neighbourhood, street and household level through a community-driven approach to improve Water Security. Mid-point review surveying with the community was carried out to assess the level of involvement as of project Phase I (November 2020).

The survey was carried out 6th-9th January 2021 by the on-site/in-person survey as well as via phone calls by the project team with the help of the volunteers to support project team members to conduct the survey for data collection. The greatest strength of this survey was involving some of the ward-5 community as volunteers making people more willing to participate even during the Covid-19 period.

Aim and Objectives

The main aim is to assess the level of involvement during phase I of the project. The specific objectives of this surveying campaign are as follows: 

  • To engage with different types of community groups of the project area.
  • To raise community awareness on the issues related to water security, flooding & climate change, and others.
  • To gather the updated information and understand the issues related to water security, flooding & climate change, and others.
  • To explore the community interests in upcoming physical interventions of the project.
  • To develop and redesign the interventions for the coming phases by aligning with the outcomes from this survey by the experts.

Methodology Approach

For the surveying campaign, a method of quantitative measure is used to conduct the survey and a free humanitarian tool of KoBo Toolbox is used to build, collect and analyze the data both online and offline access.

Mid-Point Review- Introduction & Basic Information
Figure 1.0 Mid-Point Review Qualitative Measures Methodology Approach

Target Audience 

In this survey, there were three focused groups: Direct, General and Exposed groups respectively.

  • Direct groups are those who have had frequent contact with the project team including workshops, implementation support, committee members etc.
  • General groups are those who were involved in our Household and Business Survey at the beginning of the project and some of the previous programs, for example, IDoNation donation survey/program as a support to the vulnerable community during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Exposed group includes all other residents of Ward 5.

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