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Communal Water Supply Systems: Data Collection & Analysis

Info/ analysis/data needed to decide on interventions 

For small scale public space (eg, school), the question or information needed are:

  • Which horizontal surfaces in Ward 5 could be used for rainwater harvesting?
  • What is the total water consumption of the public space?

For large scale public space (several households), the roof surface of a public building, space available for storage tanks are needed to consider.

Possible locations, based on on-site knowledge and engagement with the ward officer, YCDC and the community: 

  • YCDC compound 
    • possibility to use piped water and rainwater 
    • intensive engagement with YCDC is needed! 
  • near the retention lake
  • possibility to use water from the lake 
  • close to the informal settlement area 
  • other location within the ward, e.g. on the main road

Community asset Mapping via Mid-point Survey & Series of Workshops

Main Objective: Finding the interest in the communal water supply systems and raising awareness

Result outcomes: Among the total respondents of 121, 27 are from the Direct group, 26 are from the General group and 66 are from the Exposed group.

  • Direct – People who have had frequent contact with the project team including workshops, implementation support, committee members etc.
  • General – People who were involved in our Household and Business Survey at the beginning of the project + IDoNation donation survey/program
  • Exposed – All other residents of Ward 5 
  1. What do you use rainwater for (if you use it)?
Expand individual rainwater harvesting system business model_data collection and an
  1. Would you like to have an RWH system? Why and Why not?
Expand individual rainwater harvesting system business model_data collection2

What most of the respondents mentioned are;

  • The preferred lowest price range of less than 300 000, but most weren’t sure of how much one costs normally
  • Financial difficulty
  • Not a big concern
  • Don’t know how
  • Not enough space
  • Concerning not sufficient for the whole year
  1. Would you prefer a communal or individual RWH system?
Expand individual rainwater harvesting system business model_data collection4

According to the results, over 50% of the respondents from all of the three groups prefer communal rainwater harvesting systems but they mentioned that they have a concern that supply would not be sufficient for the whole year.

  1. Would you use a water kiosk where you can buy water?
Communal Water Supply Systems_data collection2

Network Development Planning (similar to HH RWH system and find out more information here.)


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