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Bali Raincraft x The 10th World Water Forum

On the road to launching the “Indonesian Wave” at the 10th World Water Forum, Bali Raincraft x The 10th WWF serves as a program to empower potential Indonesian Wave Ambassadors to use their digital skills and utilizing Minecraft in combating Bali's water and climate issues.
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The Water Agency is proudly supporting a new youth engagement program that is coming to Indonesia! Together with our Indonesian and Dutch partners, we are launching the “Indonesian Wave” at the 10th World Water Forum in Bali.

What is “Waves”?

“Waves” was initiated during the UN2023 Water Conference through the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge by Wavemakers United Foundation (WUF).

What is the “Indonesian Wave”?

The Wave serves as a youth-led ecosystem for young individuals to connect, share innovative perspectives, and collectively address global challenges concerning too much, too dirty, and too little water.

As we journey towards the launch of the Indonesian Wave at the Forum, we find ourselves energised to amplify our efforts in addressing water-climate challenges. Building upon the momentum of initiatives like Bali Raincraft, The Water Agency paves the way for innovative solutions and youth-driven action to take place on the global water agenda.

Bali Raincraft x The 10th WWF

Bali Raincraft x The 10th WWF stands as a unique youth engagement initiative, harnessing the power of Minecraft to collaboratively design climate adaptation strategies at the street and neighborhood level. Utilizing similar methodologies as the Bali Raincraft 2023, this program empowers a more diverse group from different backgrounds and brings their ideas to a larger international stage at the 10th World Water Forum.

Bali Raincraft x 10th World Water Forum was specially crafted by The Water Agency for aspiring Wave Ambassadors in Indonesia. This initiative offers participants in the innovative realm where the younger generation are exposed to the digital prowess to tackle pressing water and climate challenges.

Case Study: Lapangan Puputan Renon Area

Bajra Sandhi Monument in Minecraft

Bali, renowned for its tourism, grapples with a water crisis stemming from tourism growth and inadequate management. Lapangan Puputan Renon, situated in Denpasar, Bali, faces water and climate issues like flooding, drainage blockage, and groundwater quality decline due to the tourism growth and inadequate water management. With its significance in community life, addressing these issues would be necessary. The participants will get the chance to explore and build their ideas virtually in the Minecraft map of the Lapangan Puputan Renon.


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