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Unlocking Innovation and Sustainability Through Expert Mentorship and Field Exploration

After completing the online workshops, participants receive valuable mentorship from experts representing various organizations. This mentorship is designed to help them transform their innovative ideas into practical, real-world solutions. The guidance they receive not only informs the theoretical aspects but also provides a clear path for building effective business models.

One-on-one mentoring sessions with each group

What makes this program even more unique is the inclusion of field trips. These excursions allow participants to explore various sectors, including industries, universities, and agricultural farms. The destinations are selected based on the specific requirements of each team’s innovative idea. During these field trips, teams analyze the inner workings of the industries they visit. This hands-on experience provides a deeper understanding of the sectors and their impact on the community.

For those focused on the water sector, they gain insights into water facility operations and the crucial role of community engagement. Teams working on agricultural projects get a firsthand look at how farmers deal with challenges like drought. This real-world exposure enriches their understanding of agriculture and potential solutions. But the learning doesn’t stop there. Some teams engage in on-ground workshops to develop crucial skills such as market research, community engagement, and networking. Others get hands-on experience with natural methods of water purification.

Moments from team field trips

This comprehensive approach to learning equips the young entrepreneurs with the technologies, insights, and hands-on experiences they need to spearhead sustainable solutions. They’re on a mission to address pressing challenges and build a brighter, more sustainable future.


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