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Phase 1 – Drainage Intervention – Thaketa Climate Adaptation Project

We were very happy to see that the community is already taking its own initiatives to reduce the impact of flooding. Over the past months, the Ward Officer of Ward 5 undertook to upgrade and restore a large part of the drainage network in his neighborhood, removing sediment, cleaning, reinforcing channels and placing borders to prevent waste to fall into the drains. In July, we supported the Ward Officer to finish work they had started in two different places but which he couldn’t complete on their own: 

(1) from Theingi Street connecting to Zingama Road – 160 feet long and 

(2) the drainage near the Monastery. 

A good start for our team, to engage the community on the important topic of flooding and how it relates to the functioning of the drains and people’s own relation to it (many of the drains are clogged by waste!).


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