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Bajra Sandhi Monument in Minecraft

Co-Design Phase: Let’s Mine-crafting!

After almost 4-week of learning and sharing, it’s time to build in Minecraft!

The co-design phase that had been waited for by the participants finally started right after the third expert workshop ended. This is the time when the participants can pour their creativity into visualising their proposed solution in Minecraft. The participants are encouraged to select one or two issues in Lapangan Puputan Renon that they want to address, and they have to intensely discuss their approaches to solving it.

Towards the built Lapangan Puputan Renon replica (see Figure 1), the participants are facilitated with functions that enable them to explore and dig deeper into materials and action commands in Minecraft. Block by block, some groups have started to develop their designs in the built world, as can be seen in Figure 2 below.

(from left to right) Figure 1. Bajra Sandhi Monument in Minecraft; Figure 2. Mock design from one of the team

Regular weekly checkpoints are provided for the participants, allowing them to discuss their progress and concerns, along with receiving feedback and technical Minecraft support, which can be valuable in developing and improving their design solutions. This participatory design phase runs for almost 4-week before the hybrid final presentation on the 8th of October, 2023. To close the program, the participants are expected to showcase their finished designs on an international stage called the Archipelagic and Island States Forum, conducted in Bali in early October 2023.


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