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Negotiation Skills

The Key to Success in the Water Sector

Negotiation skills are crucial for entrepreneurs operating in the water sector. In an industry where stakeholders range from governmental bodies and environmental organizations to suppliers, customers, and local communities, effective negotiation is the key for success. Entrepreneurs in the water sector often links with intricate regulatory frameworks, sustainability concerns, and complex project collaborations. The ability to negotiate adeptly allows them to navigate these challenges, whether it’s securing permits, forging partnerships for innovative water technologies, or addressing local community concerns in water infrastructure projects. Moreover, in an era of growing awareness about the value of water resources and the importance of sustainable practices, negotiation skills empower entrepreneurs to advocate for responsible water management and conservation, fostering not only business success but also contributing to the global imperative of safeguarding this vital resource.

Mastering the Art of Negotiation

This session is about a crash course in the basics of negotiation, learning about the different styles people use, and why each one has its place. The Speaker stressed the importance of careful planning and strategy in negotiations, highlighting that building relationships is a big part of the game. As practical approach to learning about negotiation, the attendee got to practice negotiation techniques. This session was like a negotiation boot camp that left them feeling more confident in their ability to handle all sorts of negotiation situations. It’s not just a business thing; negotiation skills are life skills, and this session helped them level up.

About the Speaker

With his extensive academic background in Educational Management, combined with his role as a Negotiation Advisor at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Dong Minh Quang possesses a unique skill set that makes him exceptionally suited to share his knowledge and expertise in negotiation skills with young entrepreneurs in the water sector. His experience at a prestigious institution like the University of Cambridge reflects his deep understanding of negotiation methodologies and their practical applications. This, coupled with his international exposure, equips him with a global perspective that can be invaluable to budding entrepreneurs in the water sector, helping them navigate the intricate landscape of negotiations, collaborations, and partnerships in this critical industry.


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