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Nature-based Solutions for Biodiversity & Ecosystem

It’s an undeniable reality that our environment is deteriorating due to human activities and climate change, and this cannot be entirely stopped. So, what can humans do? Mitigating and adapting to these conditions are options, with Nature-based solutions being one of them. In this training session, Ms. Duong Ngoc Duy Thu discussed concepts of “Nature-based solutions for Biodiversity & Ecosystem” on January 19, 2024. Let’s not hesitate and dive into this session now.

Duy Thu discussed nature-based solutions (NBS), actions that protect ecosystems to address environmental challenges. Using Stone Hill Farm as an example, she illustrated NBS in the context of slope areas prone to soil erosion due to water flow. Proposed measures included plant residue use, terrace farming, and water traps to mitigate erosion and ensure sustainable agriculture.

Duy Thu also highlighted the significance of water storage ponds, diverse plant ecosystems, and cohabitation with other species for environmental health. Considering the slow growth of natural forests, she suggested a careful approach to using artificial fertilizers and highlighted the duration taken to grow a forest ecosystem. As the conclusion, circular agriculture, where livestock, ponds, forests, and farms are interconnected, was explained, along with the educational benefits of farm field trips for children and youths to understand the importance of agriculture and ecosystems.

Ms. Duy Thu’s presentation
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About the speaker

Ms. Duong Ngoc Duy Thu is a dynamic entrepreneur and a natural lover who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Can Tho University, Vietnam. During a sustainable agriculture camp in 2021, she stumbled upon Stone Hill Farm and was immediately enchanted by its lifestyle. She developed the Country Comforts as her commitment to creating sustainable income in rural areas, improving local employment, and motivating young individuals to contribute to their homeland. Her keen interest in sustainable development and creative mindset led her to build businesses that contribute positively to personal growth and community welfare.


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