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Flood Emergency Team: Introduction & Basic Information

Before and during a flood event, a flood emergency team needs to help the local community and support in flood emergency activities such as relocating the people to higher ground and helping the people to evacuate before water levels rise.

Multi-Criteria Analysis

Criteria Level of impact (1-5) Remark
Impact1: high impact5: low impact 2 Impact can be high, but depends on severity of the flood, needs of the people etc
Potential local ownership (by community/ YCDC)1: easy to reach ownership5: difficult to reach ownership 4 difficult to sustain without project, needs ownership
Level of effort in coordination with Stakeholders1: little effort5: major effort 4 Difficult to build a sustainable situation with a trained and self-organizing flood emergency team
Technical aspects – complexity1: easy, uncomplicated5: difficult, complex 1  
Implementation costs (project costs)1: low costs5: high costs 1  
Man hour costs (project team)1: few hours5: many hours 2  
Implementation Time1: little time5: a lot of time 3 from a flood committee by the community members

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