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Expand Individual Rainwater Harvesting Systems through a business model: Stakeholder Engagement

Role of Community

  • Key consumers: potential clients (see asset mapping here
  • Local businesses within the community: set up a business providing households with rainwater harvesting systems. 

Role of Ward Officer & Committee Members

  • Serve as linking pin within the community 

Role of YCDC

Expand indicidual rainwater harvesting system business model_stakeholder engagement
  • Promote the use of rainwater tanks, facilitate and stimulate new local businesses 
  • Promotion of rainwater harvesting systems 
  • Giving benefits to households with rainwater harvesting systems during the rainy season. (like reducing waste tax, etc.)

Role of consortium (Resilience, Waternet)

Expand indicidual rainwater harvesting system business model_stakeholder engagement_2
  • Technical input was already delivered during the piloting phase; supporting possible business models; providing examples/ ideas

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