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Thaketa Community Climate Adaptation

The Thaketa Community Climate Adaptation project is a 2-year pilot project aiming to design, implement, and evaluate a variety of climate adaptation interventions in the Thaketa township in Yangon, Myanmar.

The Thaketa Community Climate Adaptation project is a 2-year pilot initiative in Thaketa township, Yangon, Myanmar. It aims to design, implement, and evaluate climate adaptation interventions to address the city’s vulnerability to climate change. Inspired by the successful Amsterdam Rainproof program, the project utilizes a network-driven stakeholder participation process and emphasizes community awareness and capacity building for effective implementation. By empowering local residents and government staff, the project aims to strengthen resilience in the face of flooding and water shortages. The project is also a part of the broader Yangon Htee City program, which promotes community engagement in climate resilience efforts.

The project focuses on small-scale, practical measures tailored to Thaketa’s needs. These include rainwater harvesting, drainage improvements, water quality monitoring, and the development of mobile apps and household water filters. Moreover, in response to the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic and political crisis, the Yangon Htee City program partnered with UN-Habitat and Block by Block Foundation to introduce Minecraft as a tool for visualizing and collaborating on climate adaptation solutions. The Yangon Raincraft program, launched in July 2021, allows local residents to learn from experts and develop their own ideas for clean and safe water in virtual neighborhoods modeled after their real-life counterparts. By leveraging innovative approaches, the Thaketa Community Climate Adaptation project showcases the resilience and creativity in addressing climate challenges and building a more sustainable future.

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