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This program focuses on delivering practical and interdisciplinary water education, offering a diverse range of online courses for water professionals, university students, and individuals interested in the water and environment sectors.

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Asia Water Academy Introduction Video

The article features an introduction video for the Asia Water Academy education platform. The video provides a brief overview of the platform, highlighting its user-friendly

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Program Manual

The manual provides concise instructions on accessing the WE are Water Education program on the Asia Water Academy Website. It covers topics such as entering

Water Planning and Engineering

Water is an important contributor to a sustainable and resilient sector. Water planning is an evolving and collaborative process that actively involves multiple stakeholders from

Water and Society

On this water planet, water plays a very important role in society. Humans cannot exist without water since it forms our landscape and is also

Water Data And Analysis

Water Data And Analysis

Water is important to both the natural and built environment. Analyzing Water usage and quality helps to deepen understanding of the systems being measured and

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Water And Climate System

There are five important elements for our life-hood: biosphere, surface, ocean, atmosphere and cryosphere; and the climate system is one of the Earth’s major systems.

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Water And Environment

The environment is made up of elements, both living and non-living, such as air, water, minerals. It is known worldwide that water is a particularly

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