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Welang River Basin Context: The Challenges in its Management

East Java Province encompasses seven river basins, with the Welang River Basin being one of them. A river basin, defined as a water resources management region, comprises multiple rivers. The Welang River Basin spans various areas, including Malang Regency, Probolinggo Regency and City, as well as Pasuruan Regency and City.

The Welang River Basin is characterized by diverse topography, including mountainous regions such as Mount Arjuna-Welirang and Mount Bromo in its upstream area. Rivers originating from these mountains flow downstream towards the north coast of East Java Province. Effective management of the Welang River Basin extends beyond the jurisdiction of East Java Province, necessitating collaboration with various stakeholders, including local governments, the private sector, and communities utilizing the river basin’s resources.

The river primarily serves as a water source for household, agricultural, and industrial purposes. Additionally, the area surrounding the river is used for various activities, including tourism (waterfalls, rafting, and nature experiences) and local industries like brick production, which utilizes sediment from the Welang River in the manufacturing process.

Currently, the Welang River Basin faces challenges such as sedimentation, pollution, and insufficient water management, leading to frequent flooding. In 2023, there were 33 flooding events in the Welang River Basin, a decrease from the previous year. Most floods occur in downstream areas, primarily due to water accumulation blocked by waste, sedimentation, and inadequate river water management infrastructure.

To address these issues, prioritizing infrastructure development is crucial to mitigate flooding in the Welang River Basin. An information system has been initiated in collaboration with various stakeholders to monitor water discharge and enable faster disaster reporting. These measures collectively aim to minimize the potential impact of flood disasters and enhance the overall management of the Welang River Basin.

WE Are Water Education (Indonesia) project aims to equip East Java Province civil servants with practical skills and international best practices, enabling effective knowledge transfer and fostering integrated, cross-sectoral collaboration in climate-resilient water management for the Welang River Basin.


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