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UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022: Final Presentation

The participants presented their preliminary solution for the selected issue through virtual checkpoint session on Friday, 16 September 2022. Following that, each team started to prepare themselves for the second phase of the Challenge which is conducted offline in Yogyakarta, Indonesia also in Dong Nai, Vietnam.

After a long process and team discussions, finally, on Friday, 23 September 2022, all teams from both countries got the opportunity to do a final presentation, which would bring them to the winning team determination. In Indonesia, all teams unexceptionally proposed their solution with their creative style. The teams wore unique costumes which represented their unique side of their teams. Prior to the team presentation, the session was opened by Mohamed Djelid, the Director of UNESCO Jakarta, who delivered his speech. Each team was allowed to present their results for only 5 minutes and followed by 10 minutes of Q&A with the juries from Indonesia and Vietnam. The session was then concluded with the winning team announcement, the most waited momentum of all.

Weeks of learning and site visit were to prepare the teams for the Final Presentation. Stages had been decorated for the teams to come up and share their version on making the invisible, visible. To promote the knowledge exchange between countries, the presentation was done in live hybrid mode: Vietnamese participants from Dong Nai and Indonesian participants from Yogyakarta.

Youth creativity flowed through the five minutes pitch by each team: they came up with their own costumes, strategy, and style! Though their ways to get the message out is fun to watch, their solutions were serious to consider. Congratulations for the winning teams: Aquam1an team from Vietnam and Alpha team from Indonesia and! All teams did their very best given the limited time and has swept everyone’s attention on their potential.

Winning Team from Indonesia
Winning Team from Vietnam

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