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Serious Game Playing Workshop on “Negotiating Groundwater Extraction”

On 28 November 2023, Can Tho University Dragon Institute, The Water Agency and Deltares organized a Serious Game Playing Workshop on “Negotiating Groundwater Extraction”.

14 participants from the provinces of Ben Tre and Soc Trang actively engaged in a workshop session where they were briefed by consortium partners on groundwater policies and issues. Led by Professor Nhan from Hanoi University of Natural Resource and Environment (HUNRE) and Dr. Nguyen from Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED), the session emphasized a non-academic, visually accessible approach to knowledge sharing. This facilitated effective participation in the Serious Game segment, enhancing understanding among water users.

In the second section, a specialist from Deltares provided an overview of the structure and components of the Serious Game to attendees. Following this, the participants were divided into four teams to engage in the Serious Game, facilitated by experts from Deltares, CTU, TWA, and game leaders. Overall, the participants expressed their excitement in playing the game, noting its simplicity in illustrating real-life scenarios related to water usage, implementing solutions for water storage, conservation, and addressing groundwater-related concerns in the Mekong Delta. Farmers showed their willingness to participate more if given additional time, expressing a desire to engage other farmers as well. They highlighted the game’s potential in enhancing farmers’ comprehension of how crucial their decisions are for the sustainability of the Mekong Delta. 

Discussion sessions with participants

Participants were provided with Serious Game-format questionnaires and requested to share feedback. Furthermore, two farmers were interviewed, and their post-Workshop sessions were recorded on video. Every participant expressed that the game is user-friendly and engaging, serving as an effective method to facilitate discussions and enhance awareness concerning groundwater sustainability to understand potential solutions. The game comprehensively addresses the circumstances in the Mekong Delta, fostering strong community engagement and groundwater sustainability.


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