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Project Planning and Coordination Meeting

A coordination meeting was organized to strengthen collaboration among VU Amsterdam, The Water Agency, and Public Works of Water Resource Agency of East Java Province (PUSDA EJP) for the implementation of the Tailor Made Training: Water Education program.

At the forefront is the “We are Water Education” program, developed by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) and The Water Agency (TWA). This program is dedicated to enhancing the skills of civil servants in East Java, which is represented by the Public Works of Water Resource Agency of East Java Province (PUSDA EJP). The recent meeting involving representatives from each entity marked a crucial step forward in the collaborative effort to enhance water education on Tailor-Made Training (TMT).

During the meeting, PUSDA EJP proposed a total of 40 particpants encompassing various departments that managed the Welang River at both city and provincial levels, and holds significant relevance to the initiative. They also emphasized the comprehensive nature of Welang River issues, from deforestation to sedimentation ultimately causing flooding issues, and suggested to involve the department that manages the upstream of the Welang River. Practical topics and courses, including successful case studies, were proposed by PUSDA with a focus on lessons learned to inspire the participants.

VU Amsterdam acknowledged the challenge of developing training materials suitable for participants with diverse backgrounds, and proposed an interdisciplinary approach, considering different perspectives. The consensus was to distribute expertise evenly between Indonesian and international experts, facilitating knowledge exchange and language learning opportunities. The Water Agency suggested integrating nature-based solution topics, considering the impact on livelihoods near rivers, and agreed to plan for the effective selection of the number of participant from each department.

The immediate next steps involve discussions with PUSDA EJP regarding participant selection and other input related to the detailed topic of the courses. The Asia Water Academy (AWA) as the main platform to be used for this program is set to be introduced to participants in early December to celebrate Public Works Day, featuring existing courses with Indonesian subtitles to overcome language barriers.

The team will collaboratively formulate courses, incorporating the valuable insights shared during the meeting. This phase emphasizes the importance of communication and coordination among the involved entities to ensure the success of the Water Education initiative.


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