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Negotiating Groundwater Extraction Project: Serious Game Experience

Vietnam’s Mekong Delta is highly vulnerable to both climate change and socio-economic transformations. The region faces numerous challenges, including overexploitation of resources, freshwater shortages, saltwater intrusion, and land subsidence. Addressing these issues requires heightened awareness among groundwater users about the impact of their water usage. Recognizing this, the Vietnamese government has introduced regulations to promote the sustainable use of groundwater.

To support these efforts and raise awareness, Deltares, in collaboration with The Water Agency, has developed an innovative serious game. This interactive tool allows groundwater users and other stakeholders to understand the effects of groundwater usage on the delta and their farms. The game has several key objectives:

  • Increase awareness among water users regarding the consequences of groundwater use.
  • Teach strategies to reduce groundwater dependency by implementing win-win solutions.
  • Provide solutions for water storage and savings.
  • Encourage practices that ensure the health and habitability of both farms and the delta.

Watch the video below to learn more about how the game works and discover how players can enhance their knowledge and awareness .




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