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Launch of Yangon Raincraft 2024: Learning I – Intersection of Water and Health

Workshop I – Intersection of Water and Health

Following the lessons on game controls in Minecraft, the first workshop was held to introduce water and health, a pivotal theme in our daily lives. Throughout the event, participants were able to learn about the profound significance of water concerning our well-being, encompassing the stark realities of water-borne diseases, pollution, and scarcity, all of which intricately intertwine with our health outcomes.

During this workshop, participants were directly taught using the Minecraft training modules, serving as an interactive gateway for participants to delve into the realm of Minecraft and familiarize themselves with its mechanics. Through a series of exhilarating escape-room style challenges, participants gained proficiency in navigating the Minecraft universe.

Asia Raincraft Yangon Edition_Water and Health Session
Getting familiar with the concept of the module and game navigation

The module taught was centered entirely on the dynamic interplay between water and health within Minecraft’s immersive landscape. Set to survive, the participants embarked on an advanture, from wandering into caves and travelling across seas, to collect vital resources essential for sustenance. Each of these stages awaits discovery, following the successful completion of quizzes. These quizzes also posed a formidable challenge, with incorrect answers resulting in decreasing health level which creates enormous excitement and urgency into the gameplay.

Asia Raincraft Yangon Edition_Water and Health Session
Participants eagerly learning and solving challenges from the module

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