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Groundwater Serious Game Concludes: Unveiling Insights from the Last Workshops

In the ever-evolving landscape of the water and climate sector, the Groundwater Serious Game has stood out as a beacon of innovation and community engagement. This week on April 24 and 25, the latest workshops were conducted in the provinces of Sóc Trăng and Bến Tre, Vietnam to introduce several groundbreaking changes aimed at enhancing the learning and interaction experience on groundwater knowledge and awareness.

The recent Groundwater Serious Game workshops introduced conversations on groundwater conditions and awareness amongst players by utilizing a serious game where participants were asked to solve water problems as a team, considering each other’s role in the game. This marks a significant departure from traditional methods such as group discussions and webinars.

Glimpses of fun discussions throughout the workshop in Sóc Trăng

Alice Mai Nguyen, the host of the game, expressed excitement about these workshops, noting, “It’s important for different water users to interact with each other and put themselves in each other’s shoes to tackle water issues together”. One of the most significantly enhanced aspects of the workshops was the introduction of practical alternatives for freshwater usage by experts from the Netherlands and Vietnam. The improvements made to this segment widen the perspectives of the participants with groundwater extraction, providing a richer and more effective learning environment.

The workshops that took place in Sóc Trăng and Bến Tre this week were distinguished by the presence of Dr. Van Pham Dang Tri, Director of the Research Institute for Climate Change in the Can Tho University as well as Mr. Willem Timmerman, First Secretary of Water and Climate and Ms. Luu Nguyet Minh, Senior Economic Officer from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who brought with them unique perspectives that enriched the discussions. Their contributions were particularly valuable, offering discussions and exchanges about water management and policy advocacy regarding groundwater usage.

The serious game introduced during the workshop in Bến Tre provoked interesting discussions amongst the participants

Reflecting on the experience, one of the participants, Anh Kiẹt, noted, “After playing the serious game, I understood how using less water is (a way of ensuring) sustainability.” This feedback underscores the activity’s objective, which is to facilitate informed decision-making through a simulated multistakeholder and round-table negotiation approach. As we wrap up our serious game workshops, the strides made in engaging participants and enhancing the educational content on groundwater knowledge and awareness are evident. These sessions not only build upon previous successes but also pave the way for future innovations in the water sector and community engagement.


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